Some information about Sabine

The new Valorant Boosting Agent might just be called Reyna or even Sabine if in-game voice lines are something to go by.
She might just have life-stealing abilities like a Vampire, with insane clutching potential.

She has dark hair at the top that could be the purple as it fades to the bottom, but the lighting makes it hard to discern. Her eyes show a purple hue and match the centerpiece of her armor. She wears tank top-shaped armor that goes almost all the way up her neck, resembling a choker.

Her left arm is covered with tattoos, and halfway down her bicep is a purple glow beneath the skin. Her right arm is covered with armor, but it’s unclear whether it’s attached to her or not because her hair lays over her shoulder. She wears large hoop earrings and what appears to be studs going up the length of her ear.

There are no additional details yet that relate to the character’s backstory or how she will play, but there are a few clues. The Latin American Valorant Twitter page has used the hashtag #ReynaIsHere, indicating that the new hero’s name could be Reyna. Some fans are convinced of it, while others think it could simply be a reference to the Spanish term for “Queen.”

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Will it change Valorant boosting meta?

From a new map, to even teasing a new game mode, it seems that Valorant will have a lot in store for fans in the upcoming weeks. But for now, let us talk about their latest teaser which after showing some of the skills of the already playable characters of the closed beta, gave us a few seconds’ cameos of the new agent that could be a part of Valorant Boosting.

Riot Games has been teasing the new Agent that will launch when the full Valorant game goes online. However, fans are noticing an unusual detail that Valorant’s Latin American Twitter accounts have been posting, leading them to question what little they know about the new character.

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