While all the main target was on Valorant Boosting new Agent, Reyna, we’ve also just caught the primary live-action glimpse of Ascent, and that we can pinpoint its exact location because of a leaked version of the map overview.

Reyna stole the show as part of Riot Games’ big reveal on May 30, which gave us our first look at Valorant Boosting eleventh Agent poised to join the fold.

While all the attention was averted to the Mexican character and her soul-absorbing abilities, another big reveal was left right in front of our eyes — a fourth map, rumored to be called Ascent.

Riot has confirmed that a brand new map is going to be coming for launch, but up until now, we didn’t know what to expect. But Reyna’s gameplay trailer has revealed a touch quite expected.

If you join the dots between the trailer and map overview (divert your attention Reactor Site B), you’ll see that Reyna starts off by aiming down B-Main. After landing the kill on Cypher, she falls back to modify where she takes Breach and another in Courtyard.

Here’s the full overview of the map Ascent:


Shortly after, she transitions to Anchor before dispatching of two more Agents that run just outside of Courtyard to secure the team ace.

While this could be the primary little bit of gameplay that we’ve seen on Ascent, the Riot has previously teased the map during one of their developer updates.

If you cross-reference the radar within the top-left of the screenshot below with the leaked map overview, you’ll see that the developers were actually located within the Defender’s Spawn area of the map.

Of course, while this is often all pretty concrete evidence to suggest that Ascent is going to be a subsequent map to be added at launch, who’s to mention that Riot doesn’t have another dress up their sleeve?